Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Gabriel Roybal Photography

Gabriel Roybal – I started taking a million different photographs when I started commuting from Half Moon Bay to San Francisco on a daily Basis.  I have also been fortunate to travel to Maui several times over the years for a science and engineering teaching workshop.  I am going to miss this drive as well as the epic scenery when I move to the city next month.  Just getting it all out of my system now while the opportunity still exists.
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My name is Gabriel Roybal.  I am currently an ISIS PostDoc at UC San Francisco Medical School and a lecturer at San Francisco State University.  I will be teaching Stem Cell Biology in the Fall of 2012.
It is my hope that this site will serve as a place where students who are interested in an array of careers can hear the human/personal perspective of professionals and other students. You can imagine that it would be somewhat like a virtual Career Panel Discussion. I hope that it will serve as a place for students to see examples of every experience and background and how one can succeed and find happiness in the career of their choice – all the while retaining their identity outside of work.
Over the years as I have sat on Career Panel Discussions and interacted with students of different stages of their career, I am struck by the sense that stereotypes of professions, other students and professionals can influence whether a student thinks they want to pursue or could be successful at a particular career.  Most of us have had many experiences in our careers that are ‘non-traditional’ or challenging.  Sharing these experiences can enrich the decision making process for people a little earlier in their careers.  So rather than waiting for the next opportunity to share your experiences at a formal career panel discussion, i hope you will see this as an opportunity to positively influence students immediately.
I think hearing your story, would be very helpful for students considering various careers.
If you would like to share your experience – please contact me here at –  Or email me at
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gabriel Roybal Photography Maui, Santa Fe, Paris

gabriel roybal
Gabriel Roybal Photography- Traveling to Paris in the Winter of 2010. Applied for a postdoctoral fellowship in RNA biology...sometimes i imagine what would have happened on that side of the planet.... 

gabriel roybal gabe
Gabriel Roybal Photography If you are going to be stuck in traffic, it might as well be on the 101 coming in to San Francisco.  This view will never get old.  This is facing south towards the golden gate bridge from the Marin Headlands.

gabriel roybal gabe
Gabriel Roybal Photography, Driving the Highway to Hana in Spring 2012.  This is on the southwest edge of maui, making our way towards hana and wainapanapa black sand beach.

gabriel roybal gabe
Gabriel Roybal Photography , The Sacre Coere in Paris France.  Beautiful cold December afternoon.  The views from here to downtown and the Eiffel Tower are priceless.

gabriel roybal gabe
Gabriel Roybal Photography This is a series of statues on Canyon Road in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Canyon Road houses many of the art galleries that make santa fe famous.  Its a perfect way to spend a late autumn afternoon.  Fewer tourists and azure skies.

Gabriel Roybal Photography This is the southern edge of Maui as you make your way towards Ulapalakua.  This is the wine country of maui and has many agricultural areas as well as epic views of Lanai and Molokini. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gabriel Roybal - Devil's Slide Highway 1

gabriel roybal gabe ucsc santa fe
Gabriel Roybal - Original Photography - This is the view from the southern edge of Devil's slide.  It was a rainy day in san francisco, but the sky cleared as i passed south towards Pacifica. Featured on San Francisco’s KQED Quest Blog.

Gabriel Roybal - The Human Side
gabriel roybal gabe ucsc
Gabriel Roybal -

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gabriel Roybal - Philadelphia

gabriel roybal
Gabriel Roybal - Philadelphia TheHumanSide This is the view of downtown Philadelphia, as you make your way from the Airport.  The city sure has changed since i left in the summer of 2003.

gabriel roybal gabe roybal
 Gabriel Roybal - UPenn TheHumanSide The Penn Symbol still evokes some pretty intense feelings.  Many good times and terrible times were had here.  I wish I would have known it would all turn out okay.
gabriel roybal
Gabriel Roybal - Santa Fe TheHumanSide  This is the sunset view over the gold course outside my house in half moon bay.  I will miss this view when i move to San Francisco