Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi Everyone,

We hope that you have all received the reunion registration packets! If not, PLEASE let me know. These documents can be downloaded at We have extended an invitation to the classes of 1998 and 1997 for this reunion. It seems that neither class was able to hold a reunion and given the small size of most PHS classes and your input, we felt it was appropriate to invite them to participate.

Additionally, we are writing to clear up some confusion-
In the registration packet you will notice a section for an optional donation to the families of our classmates who are no longer with us. Based off of your feedback, we have changed this from a monetary donation to the families, to using the money to purchase a plaque that will be mounted on the new high school. Given your suggestions, this plaque will not only include our lost classmates but will also memorialize faculty that were close to us who have also passed. These names include Chris Peterson and Nelson Gutierrez. If there is anyone whom we are missing, please let us know! We do not want to leave anyone out!

Brian Montoya, Patricia Sisneros and Carlos Sisneros have offered to take charge of this effort. Thanks you guys!

***So please be aware that any donation you make will go towards the purchase of a plaque that will be permanently mounted at the new High School in memory of the friends that we have lost.

Hope to see your registrations soon!

Gabriel and Elena

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Registration Packet Materials

Registration Packet

suggestion for honoring deceased classmates

From: "Montoya, Harry, NMDOT"
Date: March 5, 2009 12:03:34 PM PST
To: "Gabriel Roybal"
Subject: RE: Class reunion

Gabe, I was thinking that the Class of 99 could purchase a plaque and have it mounted on an outside wall at the new school. Kind of like a dedication and have a space on it where we recognize those that are no longer with us, Chris Peterson, Dion Martinez, Daniel Romero, Thomas Pino, etc. I don’t know if you remember but our faculty at the time had told us that we would be the first graduating class from the new high school. I think it would be a lasting statement of what our school was and should be which is more than just a school or community of learning but a family. I can’t speak for others but I know I grieved at the passing of our friends and at times still do. Please forward this to everyone and see what they think.

Best regards,

Harry Brian Montoya

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quick Poll

In the comments section of this post, could you let us know your thoughts on extending the reunion invitation to other classes?

I personally have no issue with it- i think it would be fun to see everyone- but we are interested on your feedback.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Registration Mailed

We mailed all of the registration packets out today. If for some reason, you do not receive this within a week, please let us know. Also, we will be uploading all of the registration forms to this site next week.

Here are the people we still have NO physical address for: PLEASE let us know if you know how to get in touch with any of these people. We have left messages, stalked family members and emailed many of them. But no response yet.

Maria Alvarado
Edgar Castillo
Jesus Cisneros
Nena DeAguera
David Fuller
Ernesto Garcia
Herman Garcia
Isabel Garcia
Angelica Gonzales
Sam Hena
Jose Herrera
Brian Lowery
Adam Lujan
Rachel Maestas
Deann Martinez
Paula Naranjo
Lucia Nunez
Denika Romero
Michael Sanchez
Raymond Smith
NetoRey Terrazas
Donald Valdez
Jose Vasquez
Danna White

Thanks Everyone!

Be sure to follow updates on our blog:

We will be uploading all the registration forms to that site next week.

- Gabriel & Elena